30-Days Before The Relationship Journal

Hello, my brothers and sisters in Christ. I pray you’ve spent the year thus far living intentionally and with purpose. Let me ask you a question. How’s your relationship? Is it what you want you it to be? Are you getting out what you’re putting into it? Does it bring a sense of fulfillment to your life? Now some of you may have answered all of these questions with a simple yes or no. Some of you may say the answer is, “it’s complicated.” Few of you will answer the questions with a question. Question being: Which relationship are you talking about? Whatever the answer may be I know we all have a “needs improvement” section in our relationships.

What if I told you it’s realistic to have more than one happy, fulfilling, beneficial relationship? Well, it’s very realistic. Everything that you will do in life begins, ends, and exist in the realm of a relationship. We have relationships with family, friends, colleagues, food, fitness, finances, ourselves, and most importantly Jesus Christ. Some of us lack relationships in those areas.

Most of my adult life I was horrible at relationships. I couldn’t keep a man as they say. I struggled with self-love. I indulged in food as a form of emotional relief. I had no sense of financial freedom. I put everyone and everything above God. It wasn’t until I gave my life to Christ fully that He started to reveal to me what I was doing wrong. I needed help establishing healthy, Godly relationships.

#RelationshipGoals is the title of my soon to be released self-published book. It’s a starter guide to building a relationship with God. It’s also the muse behind my “30-Days Before The Relationship Journals” releasing April 1, 2019. It’s our time to develop healthy relationships rooted in God.

Our “30-Days Before The Relationship Journal” is filled with biblical reference, relationship quotes, relationship goal lists, tips on how to build your relationship, to-do list to achieve the goals, and much more. All of us are busy. I get it. So before you put something else on your plate let’s evaluate what’s already there. The goal for our relationship journals is to pick something that “needs improvement” in your life. Commit to it for 30 days, and at the end of the 30 days decide if it’s worth a long term commitment. Think of it as the dating period. Apply your “30-Days Before The Relationship Journal” to any relationship you currently have or want to have then give it your all for 30 days.

One of my key quotes which will be in the journals is, “One thing I can do is do better.” We all can do better. Even when we think we’ve given our best there’s always room to do better. Let me help you adjust your level of commitment. Join our email list to get exclusive access to all of our upcoming releases. Blessings.

Sign up for my email list and receive a FREE soon to be released copy of our new Ejournals. Our “30-Days Before The Relationship Journals” will be released April 1, 2019. It’s our time to develop healthy relationships rooted in God. As women, we wear so many hats. Wives, Mothers, Employees, Employers. It’s easy to put ourselves last when we put anyone and everything first. I want to help you reach your relationship goals. It’s time to build healthy relationships rooted in God. Blessings. 

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