Book Release

I am currently working on my first self-published book entitled, “Relationship Goals” A beginner guide to building a relationship rooted Jesus Christ.” I know that I’m purposed to write this book because it’s the tools that I used in order to build my own relationship with the Lord. For those who don’t know my company was birthed from my personal experience with a lack of self-love and self-care. Through relinquishing everything that I had known and was taught in order to give God my all He was able to transform the very thing that I lacked. Like many of you, I spent most of my life looking for people, my job, a relationship to shape who I perceived myself to be. The truth in the matter is none of us truly know who we are until we’ve allowed Jesus to introduce us to that person.

There are so many coaches who are interested in helping you find your God-Given purpose. They strive to provide you with the tools to build that purpose. This is beneficial because we all have a purpose that has been placed inside of us. My purpose is less about finding your purpose and more of helping you find yourself. Through building your relationship with Christ we will do just that. I look forward to the release of this new project. I pray that it accomplishes what it sets out to do. Blessings.

Remember: Sign up for my email list and receive a FREE soon to be released copy of our new Ejournals. Our “30-Day Before The Relationship Journals” will be released April 1, 2019. It’s our time to develop healthy relationships rooted in God. As women, we wear so many hats. Wives, Mothers, Employees, Employers. It’s easy to put ourselves last when we put anyone and everything first. I want to help you reach your relationship goals. It’s time to build healthy relationships rooted in God. Blessings. 

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