My Vision Board says, “Mrs. CEO!”

Good Morning my brothers and sisters in Christ. I pray you’ve spent the week living intentionally and with purpose. A couple of weeks ago I completed my 2019 vision board. Some of the goals are an extension of things I’ve been working on this past year. Others are a “Walk by faith not by sight” type of goal. The ones that only God can do, but I trust Him to do it. It made me wonder how many of you take the time to put together a vision board? If you do, are your goals only within your own reach? Or are they a mix of your reach and God’s reach? Is your vision board filled with doubt or faith?

I graduated high school in 2004 and began my collegiate career at Grambling State University. GS….GS…..GS….GS… U…U…U… I thought you knew!!! Lol. I spent my freshman year homesick, with no books, and unaware of what field I wanted to major in. Tuition was so expensive and with no scholarship I found myself copying pages in my peer’s books just so I can read the material to complete assignments. The following year the school was affected by Hurricane Katrina which led to me back home to Chicago. I spent the next several years attempting to finish school but ended up joining the workforce in its replacement. I had no vision. I was uninspired. I had a lack of direction. I was really just trying to keep my head above water at that point.

Moving forward a few years I had an employment opportunity in Houston and I took it. Once moving here I found out that I had to get back in good standing with my student loans because the position was with the government. Go figure. So I was in Houston, jobless, carless, and had $300 to my name. It took me a few months but I found a job. After 10 months of making payments towards my student loans, I was able to get in good standing. By this time I desired to go back to school. So I did. I figured I spent all this time making these payments I should just go back. I finally finished my degree. Even graduated with honors. I was so excited. It was a lifelong goal and I was able to check it off my list of to-dos.

It’s important that I take the time to mention that my 2019 vision board isn’t filled with goals for the new year. It’s filled with goals that are an extension of my now and my what’s to come. I really became plugged into Yeshua early in the year. I was tired of fumbling my life. I needed to give the playbook back to the coach, God. Once I did my vision became clear, I obtained direction, I was inspired. I realized even though I was able to lead I wasn’t the coach, and I needed to move out of Yeshua’s position so that I could win. So when we talk about having a vision board make sure you know who the vision came from. Ask yourself, “Am I the coach of my life or is God?”

We are in the fourth quarter of this year and here comes the quarterback. Mrs. CEO. (That’s me, lol) The Lord gave me a vision about our relationship. He started to walk me through the progression of His Mindfulness when it came to me. Our relationship became the base of what is now, “Mindul Of Me Moments, LLC.” He has shown me quarter by quarter the next play. Yesterday, my company officially became a legal entity with the state of Texas. Glory be to God. The same girl who was copying pages in my peer’s books just so I can turn in assignments. Now has a college degree, own’s/operates a business and has built a brand that will reach the multitude while drawing them closer to God. (Reaching the multitude is on my Vision Board.)

The Word of God says,

“Get all the advice and instruction you can, so you will be wise the rest of your life. You can make many plans, but the Lord’s purpose will prevail.” 

Proverbs 19:20-21

Who does your vision board say you are? If God was to read what’s on your vision board would He say, “That’s the person I created?” If you have not taken the time to get plugged into Yeshua then let’s start there. Give your life to Him. If you’ve done that then give your position to Him. We weren’t made to be the coach and the quarterback of our life. Allow Him to reveal to you the next play so that you know how to move down the field of life. One thing I know about His coaching ability is that His team ALWAYS wins. He’s undefeated. Get with the winning team. Blessings.

Let’s Talk Lifestyle – Doing Something New

Good Evening God’s people. I pray you’ve all spent the week living with intention and purpose. I wanted to share an experience that I had recently that was a first for me. My husband has really taken the initiative to make sure we are doing a new activity as a family at least once a month. This month he made reservations for us to go paint-balling. This is something that neither of us have done. We thought it would be a good idea to invite a few family members to join us. They were newbies as well. Before I dive into the specifics of this new venture, and how it ties into self-love. I would like to say for the record that I wasn’t nervous at all. Even after I was hit with the paintball that was traveling 275 fps. (Insert side eye emoji)

Now that my disclaimer is out of the way. We arrived at the park, and went through our “training.” They paired us with a few other first-timers and the “non-professional/professional” players. Lol. The other team consisted of a bunch of people who frequent the park. They even had semi-automatic paintball guns. (Insert side eye emoji times 2) I believe 120 seconds went by before I became a human target. The initial sting from being hit by a paintball gun was more surprising then anything. Don’t get me wrong it hurt. Even got a nice bruise when it was all said and done. The round ended shortly after I was taken out of the game, because someone shot me in the chest. That was considered a “kill shot.” After the first round my sister, and I were DONE. The men kept playing though. Even though it wasn’t for me I am so happy that I experienced this new adventure.

When I think about self-care and self-love I think about living my best life. Taking the time to experience a new activity that allows me to get some cardio in while bonding with my family is amazing. People will short themselves in life by doing the same thing over and over year after year. We should really take the time to see the world. If you’re unable to travel then do something locally. We often limit ourselves from experiences, because people associate new experiences with costly events. Life will literally pass you by if you allow all your decisions to be surrounded by money.

Tip: This week try something new that’s positive. Do something that you’ve never done that will allow you to bond with your family, and get your heart rate up. Create new happy experiences that you can reflect on in the future. It’s so easy to meditate on negative things. This is how the enemy torments us. Remember, “what you magnify you get more of.” (Pastor Steven Furtick) So choose to magnify happiness. Choose to magnify the Word of God. Choose to magnify the moments that stimulate you to be in a state of mindfulness. Most importantly choose to magnify life and living it more abundantly. Blessings.


Let’s Talk Lifestyle – Career, Purpose, & Passion

How we choose to live our lives has a huge impact on our purpose. It affects our emotions, our level of success, our relationships, our morals, and standards. Lifestyle is defined as the habits, attitudes, tastes, moral standards, economic level., that together constitute the mode of living of an individual or group. If I had to guess I would think the three most talked about lifestyle decisions are religion, career, and sex. Today I’m going to touch on career.

Growing up it was an unspoken expectation that in order for me to be successful I had to go to college and work for a company that pays me top dollar. There was never a thought to do anything else after high school except go to college. I graduated from high school in 2004. Directly after I traveled hundreds of miles away to continue my education. I was an 18-year-old freshman who like many had no idea what I wanted my major to be. So I tried a few. Social Work, Nursing, English, Cosmetology, and Sociology to name a few. I finally completed my degree in Business Administration Human Resource Concentration 14 years after my initial stent out of high school. Don’t judge. Lol. There was a 10-year life gap in-between high school, and me deciding to go back to school to finish my degree. My graduation day was really special to me. I finally completed something that I was expected to complete well over 10 years ago, and even though it took me so long I did it. No one could take that away from me. My family was proud. I was proud. It even inspired my Mother to go back to school to finish her degree.

Post-graduation there wasn’t a smooth transition into my degree field. I’m still not working in my degree field. I know that this is something that many people deal with after graduating from college. I know some people with Master degrees that are not in their field of study. So I had to have a conversation with Jesus. He led me to something that ultimately answered my questions. The response was so profound to me that it completely changed the trajectory of how I choose to live my life now, as well as, what I will be doing in my purpose. Below are a few tips to think about when it comes to being intentional about what you will be doing for the rest of your life.

  1. Seek the Lord. Be relentless in your pursuit. 

The bible says,  For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11. He already has the plans for your future. I wonder how many of us would have saved so much time had we just pursued the one who had the blueprint for our lives. The more I sought after my relationship with Christ. The more He began to reveal to me the plans He had for my life.  I had to underline the last couple of sentences because you need to understand that this is the benefit to a relationship. Jesus says,” you come close to me and I’ll come close to you.” Don’t get me wrong He loves us regardless even when we haphazardly pursue Him. However, there is something about our willingness to be obedient to Him that opens up doors to our purpose. Continue seeking Him, and follow the blueprint. (Tip: Make sure your plans are the same plans that the Lord has for you.)


2. Understand the difference between a career and your purpose.

Career is defined as an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress. Purpose is defined as the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. 

I don’t know about you, but my spirit got excited when I finally made a distinction between my career path versus the path that was purposed for me. I was raised to give life to a career, and not my purpose. The Lord literally showed me that I was living to work for someone else’s vision. Not that I couldn’t be impactful in that atmosphere, but that it was not something that should be taking up a significant period of my life. He purposed me to own a business that connects biblical principle and self-care. He revealed to me that in order to be the best version of His creation I had to understand that as it is natural it is also spiritual. That self-care happens from the inside to the outside, and that he had purposed me to help others to make the distinction so that they can be their best in the kingdom. When he showed me that I made a decision to no longer follow a career, but to breathe life into what I was created to do. My purpose is the very reason why I exist. It’s my contribution to the kingdom, and it was made just for me. (Tip: NEVER compare your purpose to someone else’s. Even if they’re in the same industry as you. God made you unlike anyone else, and your portion is just as significant to the kingdom as your brothers/sisters in Christ)


3. Work your PASSION. Faith without works is DEAD.

Now that you’ve sought the Lord. (Tip: Don’t stop seeking Him after he takes you to a new place. Keep seeking Him intentionally. Never stopping.) He’s revealed to you what your purpose consists of; it’s time to Work Your PASSION. One definition of passion is “intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction.” When people try to figure out what they will be doing for the rest of their life you will often hear people ask them “what are passionate about?” They’re looking for the thing or act that drives you to continue to master it or grow in it. For some their passion may be to sing, write, build, play video games, repair credit, motivate others. Whatever area you thrive in naturally is worth you going to God in prayer to seek counsel to confirm if this is where you find purpose. If He’s already shown you your purpose then it’s time to put in work for you’re passion. You know the difference between doing something you’re passionate about vs something you’re not. Your level of desire to still pursue it when obstacles come your way. When you’re not passionate about something, and obstacles come your way. You’re fighting to overcome those obstacles isn’t as impactful as it would be if it were something that you were drawn to be connected too. Have faith in God in your passion, and work it. (Tip: Continually perfect your craft. Breathe life into it. Seek God first. He knows your next step in the blueprint.)


Find your purpose. Allow Jesus to be your first decision when journeying towards your purpose. Stop living for someone else’s vision, and live for the vision God has given you. Father God under the sound of my voice I decree that the blueprint for everyone who’s reading this post vision will manifest itself. I pray that as they live intentionally for you that you will transform their lifestyle. I pray that they will willingly surrender everything and everyone that combats who and what you’ve purposed them to do. I pray that you will open doors no man can open, and close doors no man can close. I pray that their plans begin to come into alignment with your plans for their lives. I pray that they will fall out of agreement with their flesh. I pray that their lifestyle will be one that is pleasing to you. Lord, you’re able to do it. In faith, it’s already done. In Jesus name, Amen.

Live on purpose people of God. Blessings.