Who am I? That’s why you clicked on this tab, right? Lol. You were interested in knowing the person behind the blog. You can find me throughout the website. There are pieces of me that I place in every single blog post. As a starting point let me say, “I am truly excited that you’re here.” God is so good and this blog is one platform that I’m able to share how glorious He is while living out my purpose. 

I am T. Nolan. The “T” stands for Tiffany which means, “Manifestation of God.” Prophetic right, Lol. Feel free to call me Sis, Woman of God, Friend, or Nolan. I’m 32 years of age. My titles include Wife, Sister-parent to my live-in 23-year-old sister, Employee, Content Creator, Writer, soon-to-be-published Author, and recently Mrs. CEO meaning I’m a new business owner. I am originally from Chicago. Currently residing in the state of horrible drivers, Texas. Lol. 

If there was anything that I would want anyone to know about me it’s that apart from God I am nothing. He gave me an identity. My love and passion for writing were placed inside of me by Him. My desire to help my brothers and sisters in Christ become who they were created to be is His assignment for me. He is responsible for every good thing about me and even has His hands in the midst of the “needs improvement” areas of me. My relationship with Christ is the single most important relationship I have and I desire for all of you to have that same relationship with our Father.

I am a Child of God. Lovely meeting you today. Blessings.