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Mindful of Me Moments, LLC was birthed from a vision that God gave me during a tumultuous time in my life. Simply put He was mindful of me when I wasn’t mindful of myself. He loved me when I didn’t know how to love me. HE was INTENTIONAL about ME. Through my deliberate surrendering to Him; He transformed my malicious intentions into how He intended me to see myself. I had no idea what living my best life was until I gave up my life to live for God. Now that I’m living Intentionally in every area of my life He has led me to share the tools, and lessons I’ve acquired with His people. 

Mindful of Me Moments is a state of mind, it’s a lifestyle, it’s a blog that provides tips for you to live intentionally through prayer, meditation, nutrition, lifestyle, and relaxation, it’s an Christian gift shop, but most importantly it’s my purpose manifesting for the kingdom of God.

Get To Know Me

Want to get to know me? Make sure you stop by the “About” section on the menu to get a closer look. It’s not too lengthy, but it gives you a glimpse into who I am. If there is anything else you would like to know after reading the section feel free to message me. You can also leave an inquiry in the “Contact” section if you’re interested in collaborating or being interviewed for an upcoming feature.

My Blog

Have you checked out the content on my blog? If not, take some time to see what it’s all about. I post blogs weekly. All of which provides tips, tools, encouragement, life experiences, and biblical principles that promote self-care and growth. God want’s us to be everything He created us to be. Mindful of Me Moments is interested in making sure you become just who God says you are. 

Shop With Us

Our Shop is Coming Soon 

We are scheduled to launch early 2019. Products will include:

~ Christian Apparel

~ Journals

~ Planners

~ Bible Cases

Mindful Moment Upcoming Features

Mindful Moment Features is a one-on-one interview series where we get an in-depth look into the mind, heart, and spirit of God’s people who are living their purpose. We’ll get up close and personal with business owners, authors, educators, pastors, and much more.

Our upcoming December feature is with Author Deborah Hampton-Miller. Look out for the December 31st release of this exclusive interview as we learn how God healed her from sexual trauma, showed her how to forgive her abusers, tear down strongholds, and ultimately break generational curses off her bloodline. 

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